Founded in 1995,Jiangsu JieJie Microelectronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in designing,manufacturing and marketing semiconductor discrete components and power electronic devices.We are the first company to produce “square” type SCR and TRIAC and have the most extensive SCR and TRIAC production line in China.
JieJie occupies a floor area of 83958 square meters,including a clean workshop area of 27907 square meters. With total assets over 65 million USD and about 500 employee, of whom more than 12% are R&D engineers, with continuous high-intensity R&D investment (about 4% of our sales revenue ),we have independent development ability and intellectual property rights.Our prodcuts have their structure characteristics and unique technology.We are using ERP,MES information management platforms.
We are certificated with ISO9001:2008,ISO14001:2004,OHSAS18001:2007 and establish hazardous substance process management according to QC80000:2012. Furthermore,our products get IECQ certification and comply with UL tandard, RoHS requirements, REACH requirements and customers' special environmental protection requirement.
Company values: Intergrity, Pragmatism, Innovation and Win-win.
standard. Our products comply with UL electrical insulation requirements, ROHS, REACH regulatory requirements, Halogen free requirements etc.
Corporate tenet: strive for the realism and innovation, satisfy the customer, pursue the better.
The company has five semiconductor production lines.
1.φ4 inch thyristor wafer production line:
Leading products:(0.6~110)A/600-1600V TRIACs、(0.8~250)A/600-2000V SCRs、 Power Transistors、Darlington Transistors etc.
2.φ4 inch protective device wafer production line:
Main products:Low-Cj TSS,SIDAC、TVS、ESD etc.
3.φ4 inch FRD wafer production line:
Main products:FRD,STD etc.
4. The triode device packaging and testing production line:
Package Type:TO-92、SOT-23-3L、SOT-89、SOT-223、DPAK、iPAK、D2PAK、TO-220A insulated、TO-220B Non- insulated、TO-220C Non- insulated、TO-220F、TO-247、TO-247 Super、TO-P3 insulated etc.
5. Diode device packaging and testing production line:
Package Type:SMA、SMB、SMC、SOD123、SOD323、SOD523、DO-218 etc.

Jie Jie Semiconductor Co. Ltd. is Jiangsu Jie Jie Electronics Limited by Share Ltd was founded in Nantong in September 2014 a wholly owned subsidiary of the registered capital of 200 million yuan, mainly engaged in semiconductor and semiconductor integrated circuit research and design, manufacturing, sales and technical advisory services.


Jie Jie Semiconductor Co., Ltd. plans to build four production lines and three new product development lines. A product performance testing and testing station can produce 900 thousand semiconductor discrete device chips and 1 billion 148 million semiconductor discrete devices annually. Among them: electric power (power) semiconductor device chip production line 1, supporting the finished product package line 1. The annual output is 4 inches, 420 thousand wafers, which are used for producing 458 million 500 thousand kinds of power electronic device chips, 428 million self encapsulating power electronic devices, 1 semiconductor protective device chip production lines, and 1 finished product packaging lines. Annual output of 4 inch wafer 480 thousand, used to produce all kinds of semiconductor protection device chip 766 million, self packaged semiconductor protection device 720 million; three new product development test line and a product performance testing and testing station, including ultra fast recovery power diode development test line, power MOSFET, IGBT R & D test line, silicon carbide devices R & D test line. With constant temperature, constant wet Gao Jie net production environment and advanced manufacturing equipment.


A construction company covers an area of 65216 square meters (about 100 acres), including factories, R & D center, office buildings, public facilities, and the total construction area of 72253 square meters (including 10000 square meters of clean workshop), the labor capacity of 680 people, plans a total investment of 481 million 773 thousand and 500 yuan. Including: power semiconductor device production line construction project investment 215 million 966 thousand and 900 yuan, semiconductor protection device production line construction project investment 202 million 128 thousand yuan, engineering technology research center project 63 million 678 thousand and 600 yuan, it is estimated that after the project is put into operation, the full output value is 400 million Yuan RMB.