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    We have most complete thyritstor device, including:

    Embedded Resistor Sensitive Gate SCRs

    Sensitive Gate SCRs

    Standard Gate SCRs

    3-Quadrant TRIACs

    4-Quadrant TRIACs

    Specially TRIACs for Washing Machine

    High Temperature Junction TRIACs

    AC Swithces

    SCR Module Chips

    SCR Module

    These devices have a wide application, including RCCB/MCCB , home application, power electronics, industry control.

    Main features and advantages

    We have leading SCR & TRIAC production line, mainly:

    (0.6~110)A/600~1600V TRIACs,

    (0.8~250)A/600~2000V SCRs,

    We own assemble & testing lines and can meet the packaging needs of customer and applicaiton. All the factory's SCRs and TRIACs are tested to ensure failure ppm less than 200ppm. 

    Main application

    Low Voltage Apparatus

    Industry Control

    Power Electronics

    White Goods

    Brown Goods

    Small Appliance



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