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    We have most complete power module, including:

    SCR Module Chips,

    SCR Module

    These power modules are widely used in DC/AC circuit, and can be used in all kinds of circuits like power electronics, industry control

    Main features and advantages

    1. Different class of (IGT)choice;
    2. 16~250A (IT(AV))choice;
    3. 1200~2000V wide (VDRM/VRRM) choice;
    4. Own product and chip testing line to assure the compliance of chip parameter. All the factory's chips are tested to assure the yield.

    Main application

    Industry Control

    Power Electronics


    New Product

    Typical product


    Item Format Update time Download
    JME016-16 RoHS testing report PDF 2015-07-30 Download
    JME016-16 Datasheet PDF 2015-07-30 Download
    JME016-16 SS REACH report 2015-07-30 Download