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    Main features and advantages

    Full product range

    Fast response

    Accurate voltage



    Main application

    Security: POE, RJ45, AC/DC,I/O,data wire,DVR/NVR port, etc.

    Automotive: ABS, CAN-BUS, window regulator, wiper, car charger, car DVD, GPS, motormeter.

    Communication: base staition, telephone, fax machine, pos-machine, modem, xDSL terminal, SPC exchange, RS232/422/423/485、10/100M Ethernet、Gigabit Ethernet,CATV equipment.

    Instrument: smart meter, remote reading, instrument power port.

    Consumer electronics: USB、HDMI、I/O口、DC port, RF port.

    Other: Common-mode/differential-mode protection, RF coupling/ IC driver receives protection, electromagnetic wave interference suppression, sensor/transmission, control circuits, electric relay, the contactor noise suppression.

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    P4KE8.2A REACH report PDF 2016-03-11 Download
    P4KE8.2A Datasheet PDF 2016-03-11 Download
    P4KE7.5A REACH report PDF 2016-03-11 Download