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    “TVS瞬态抑制二极管”是一种高品质的突波吸收器,以二极管(伏安特性),并联在电路中。自然界的感应雷击、静电释放、电子装置的电流浪涌都是让现代电子系统面临严峻的考验。在电路中产生瞬态电压时,TVS利用雪崩原理,以P秒级的反应速度瞬间起到分流限压作用、从而保护负载不被损坏。 Main product: SMF、SMAJ、SMBJ、SMCJ、SMDJ; P4KE、SA、P6KE、1.5KE、3KP、5KP、8KP、15KP、20KP、30KP、SM8S series, AKS serues. Products  are widely used in communication, security, instrumentation, automotive, consumer electronics etc.

    Main features and advantages

    Quick response to surge voltage(nS level)

    Excellent clamping capability

    Low leakage current


    Main application

    Computer systems, Communications equipment, AC/DC power supplies, automotive, instrumentation(Smart Meter), many kinds of data interface, industirial control circuit, etc.

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    Typical product


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    P4KE8.2A REACH report PDF 2016-03-11 Download
    P4KE8.2A Datasheet PDF 2016-03-11 Download
    P4KE7.5A REACH report PDF 2016-03-11 Download