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Announcement of Jiangsu JieJie Microelectronics Co., Ltd. IPO and listing counseling

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Jiangsu JieJie Microelectronics Co., Ltd. plans to first publicly issue RMB ordinary shares and go public, and is currently receiving guidance from Southwest Securities Co., Ltd.
According to the relevant requirements of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, in order to improve the transparency of stock issuance and listing, prevent and defuse securities market risks, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors, the company is willing to accept public opinion supervision from all sectors of society and the public. The relevant contact information and reporting telephone numbers are now announced as follows:
The initiators of Jiangsu Jiejie Microelectronics Co., Ltd. are Jiangsu Jiejie Investment Co., Ltd., Huang Shanbing, Nantong Zhongchuang Investment Management Co., Ltd., Wang Chengsen, Zhang Zulei, etc. The company domicile: No. 8, Xinglong Road, Qidong Science and Technology Pioneer Park, Jiangsu Province, legal representative : Huang Shanbing. Contact: Shen Xinxin, Tel: 0513-83639677-6006, Fax: 0513-83244908, 83220081, E-mail: China Securities Regulatory Commission, Jiangsu Regulatory Bureau, report telephone number: 025-84575515, and mailing address: 19th Floor, Huatai Securities Building, No. 90 Zhongshan East Road, Nanjing (Postal code 210002)
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Jiangsu Jiejie Microelectronics Co., Ltd.
November 21, 2013


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