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Japan's Panasonic Group came to our company to discuss business

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On August 26, 2016, a group of four representatives from the Japanese Panasonic Group visited our company. As Panasonic representatives, the four visited our company’s two chip production lines, three packaging and test production lines and discussed with our deputy general manager, product director, sales director, Overseas sales business managers conducted in-depth exchanges and discussed the current and future development points of Japan's Panasonic and Jiejie Microelectronics.

During the visit, Panasonic highly praised the modernization and automation of Jiejie Microelectronics' series of products, production lines, and believed that Jiejie Microelectronics production line is the best product among the domestically produced thyristors and protective devices. Line, the production of discrete devices is complete. Representatives of Panasonic Group and Jiejie held detailed discussions on the current and future development directions. Both parties believed that there is a high degree of cooperation in a series of products such as home appliances, lighting, automotive electronics, and motor control.


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